Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiiii everyone!

Well I've finally started school in Australia! The weather here is pretty good (it's winter now) and there's lots to do and explore! It's a great country to live in (for a while) and that kinda makes you miss the authentic charkwayteow you have right under your block! I even celebrated National Day overseas!

I'm in the process of sourcing for unique beads, hopefully from all over the world, to build up the collection and continue the blogshop with a BANG! I realized I really like creating items with my hands, as a form of expression as well as sharing the beauty of art creation with everyone!

No matter where we are at now, there is always a new beginning ahead. Thank goodness for the Internet which allows you to admire all the pretty handicrafts made by artists all around the world!

Till then, have a happy August and I'll see you soon again!