Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello everyone!

It's been yet another busy week for me. Yeahs, free-er during the daytime and more hectic with email-checking and research going on at night.

Check out the LOVE AMPLIFIED! concert going on at Fort Canning this Saturday! Loveamp: http://loveamp.sg/

Well when the word 'love' is mentioned all the different thoughts rush into our minds and its meaning holds something different for every single one of us. So I just thought it would be interesting, considering the amount of support this event has in order to bring awareness about HIV and AIDS, and 'embracing the truth and facts'. So it's more than that too, it's about real love this time round.

Alright! Just a slight detour from my usual post. Looking for an unique piece of accessory as a gift? New updates in the sections on your left, click to find out more!

What's more, with X'mas approaching round the corner(just 30 days more), hang around Chocolate-Carpark for interesting updates soon!! Thank you all and esp to my customers for your support! (I hope to garner more, haha!)