Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It's my first post for the month of December! Hip hip hooray! And I'm happie to announce a treat for you! This offer is available till 31st December of this lovely year!

Orders are to be placed before 31st Dec via email to chocolate-carpark@hotmail.com! It might be kinda late in time for Xmas so I decided to put up the sale for a lil' longer! Please do show your support thank you!

Also, take a look at our brand new WINTER ANGEL Collection! Chocolate-carpark is also updated with a pair of glamorous earrings, three necklaces and two additional bracelets! :D Here's a peek! Enjoy!

Yeaps! Been rather busy with work, but inspirations always strike me when I least expect it! Even when I'm daydreaming, a sudden great idea can always hit me! Watch out for more! Also, check out the mailing list set up on the left of the page, right under my ENLARGED links! Hope they're easier on the eye now! Please do key in your email to receive updates and news about Chocolate-carpark yeahs!

Zooming off!