Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well it's almost halfway into November and I hope you guys are doing well (:

On to add something interesting to this blog today! Let's talk about DRESSES! Well for me I think The Dress is a great invention and the plus point about being a female is that we get to wear different types with different cuttings, styles, embellishments, jewels, trains, colours, forms etc! Speaking of which, there's the toga, bustier, low-v, flare and frilly, halter, lace, empire cut, kimono-style, spaghetti and lots more! Whatever it is, dresses are great for many occasions and finding a dress that screams 'ME!' feels really really good!


Mermaid cut
Now this is rather striking; the colours do stand out against each other. It's also a rather flattering cut and Eva's hair looks great!

My favourite! A beautiful black beaded long wedding dress. Formal, elegant yet feminine at the same time! And look at that hair!!

Long train

A very clean-cut dress that shows off a wonderful body shape, emphasizing on all the right points!

I realized so far I've been posting wedding/formal dresses. But I've always been fascinated by them. Fascinated by how designers can muster so much creativity to fashion different pieces that are attractive and versatile.

Bridesmaid/Flowergirl dress :D Absolutely angelic!

Well on another note, I have updated the 'Necklaces' and 'Bracelets' section! Presenting the new Heartwood bracelet! Lots of dingdums, natural and sweet! Masked Visage necklace speaks of mystery and class! And the Sweet Treat bracelet is, well, really a treat! So do take a look at them now!!

Chocolate-Carpark is also pleased to introduce gift packaging service! For a small cost, you can beautify your purchases to up its overall look! Check out the 'Misc' section on the left!

With Christmas round the corner, I hope everyone keeps in mind people special in their lives. Don't forget to send them a card or give them a call. An sms would be good too in today's tech-advanced world.

Happy holidays!