Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi everyone!

Well it's been some time! I hope you find the new layout pleasant and easy to navigate because lots of time was spent doing this up with loads of help, kudos to Bryan! :D It's lovely to have such a friend to help out! Thank you!

I was drawn to the colour of the blog because it reminds me of yummy sticky chewy brown chocolate! My sweet tooth must be acting up again. Other than that, this layout has a pretty simple look with clean cut lines and everything.

I'm starting school again now, so it may be some time before I get down to posting new updates for the shop! But fret not! I still work according to moments when I get inspiration, which often strikes me when I least expect it!

Till then, I'm still making it open for customisations or personal requests! Mother's Day is coming and you might just wanna get something special for her, yes? ((((: