Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well I haven't gotten round to fixing my website yet but I'm may do a makeover once I find the time! :D It's possibly my busiest period ever now with work, so much that it limits my time to even look at my jewellery-making tools and materials. Or rather, I need inspiration to strike again.

I've just attended a play at Raffles Hotel - Don't forget to remember me. Speaking of which, the hotel is wonderful! I really dig the architecture with the tall white pillars, giant wooden window panels and just the overall look that's put together to match. It was declared a national monument in 1987, according to the website. Old buildings interest me. I might spend time thinking about what such buildings were like in the past, their purpose, the people that entered and exited, etc.

I always thought that if I wasn't in my current occupation now I might become someone more inclined in the arts, maybe something to do with fashion, history, culture, or travel? Possibilities are endless!

The play I watched also provoked thoughts in me regarding Dementia. It's not normal ageing. And it's really good that we are trying to spread the message to the public through different mediums, one of which being art. It's a refreshing way of reaching out to the masses which can be enjoyable at the same time. There was a dialogue or mini-conference after the play during which members of the audience spoke up about their experiences and thoughts regarding the disease itself and the play.

I would like to share an interesting website I came across by Ethan Hayes-Chute. I haven't really explored it fully yet but the models and landscapes do show how much imagination one can have. Well if I were that good with my hands and if I had materials or ways and means think about what one can do! :D

I used to make landscapes out of recycled materials and stuff after watching some art show on TV; that was an experience with lots of work. It's the satisfaction I get and the fun I draw from the process of making something with my hands!

Alrights now, have to get on with my work. Wish me luck in finding inspiration!