Friday, October 8, 2010

Went to the Grampians early last week during the September hols. It's just north-west of Melbourne city, about 2 hours drive? It's a breezy, well-conserved place with animals, trees, and pleasant people! On Day 1 we climbed the Chautauqua Peak Loop which was a wonderously skilful climb where you needed to know your footing pretty much. One of my best climbs! Totally got me reminiscing about my wild adventures in Vietnam Sapa, also known as Home Above the Clouds. A very pretty, very in-touch-with-nature place with plenty of culture to experience. The air is cool and fresh, and pretty soon I was longing for hot food which I got! Yes I climbed the mountains there! Rice fields and crops surrounded us in the chilly weather - aboslutely out of this world!
What wouldn't I give for one of these!

So in Gramps we went to several other lookouts and to the Pinnacles on the final day. Adventurous. I honestly do prefer scaling rocks to ascending stairs, just because they're more fun to navigate. Look at this narrow path we had to take! I call it the 'One-way Lane'. We stayed at this hostel called Tim's Place which is really homey and comfy at the same time! Met Pudding, the dog of Tim's! Also loved the den they had, which was filled with comfy chairs and a large-screen TV, complete with views of the scenery! (in its background you can see the tent where I stayed at for the second night :D)

Oh! And a little surprise as to what I'll share with you soon.. but check out Operation Christmas! I JUST had to join after I heard my friend was doing it. It's so happy! Having seen some of those living conditions out there(from my trips) I would totally want to fork out a lil contribution. So those in Aussie/NZ, go ahead and make your contribution too! (deadline applies) It's only filling up a shoebox and imagine the pleasure a child will get upon receiving it! +)