Thursday, February 5, 2009

*Updated post*

It's February!

It's been so fast since 2009 came upon us. Just a little bit of work everyday, some daydreaming and whoosh! goes January!

Updated are two brand-new necklaces! Both took me alot of work and effort especially for the design and manufacture. They are very very limited in quantity because I want to keep them special and not to mention the amount of work that went into them! Get a peek of them above! See 'Necklaces' for the details! I also hope to get more stuff churned out pretty soon, though I might have my limitations due to it being the examination period!

Please also check the Payment details for updated news!

I was reflecting the other day (which is what I always do) and I realized keeping such a passion isn't that easy. Besides the products, there's the time and effort to count for too. But I'm glad I have had such an opportunity to start my dream and realize it, and not to keep it hidden. Creating works brings unspeakable joy, especially when I am able to create for people I love and others who appreciate.

So thank you to you out there! And I hope, that my hands will work their very best!